Kwiat Featured in Coveteur: "How to Buy a Diamond"

Posted by 08.15.2017 / Posted By Shauna Goodgold

On the recommendation of the Diamond Producers Association, Laurel Pantin from Coveteur joined Greg Kwiat at our Madison Avenue boutique to talk about all things diamonds:

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned in diamond school, it’s that her point about no two diamonds being exactly alike is absolutely true. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from getting engaged, it’s that seeing something so precious and special that was picked out just for you gives a feeling that can never be replicated. Diamonds hold so much meaning in our lives, whether you receive one as a gift from your S.O., inherit a family heirloom, or, hello, buy one for yourself (I’m currently in the market for a loose diamond for myself—more on that another time) and yet there’s so much mystery around the process of buying them.

You’ve likely heard of the “Four C’s,” but maybe don’t really know what those C’s stand for, or what they actually mean—how they all come into play to make up a completely unique object that’s truly one of a kind. Not to mention, buying one is a major investment. Diamonds are expensive because they’re rare—they formed billions and billions of years ago deep below the earth’s surface, and contemporary diamond miners have to sort through roughly 200 tons of ore (!!!) to get just one carat of diamonds (!!!!!!!). Anyway, all of this is to say whether you’re buying one for yourself, for someone else, or hoping to guide someone’s purchase on your behalf, it behooves you to know the basics when it comes to diamonds."

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